Harlam Quotes

Over the time we have been writing, harlamquotes many have been quotes that have come to our minds as we have been talking. Sometimes to comfort the other, people we know, others just on life and its problems, some simply to make people think or even smile. We thought we should share some here as reading back through them they are, please excuse us patting ourselves on the back here, pretty good we think!.


The past is a cold cup of coffee, you can reheat it for a bitter taste or make a fresh one and enjoy the new taste.

Impossible is just a horizon we can’t yet see beyond.

Struggle is the shadow of success.

The deeper you love, the more forgiveness you have.

Lovers who end up hating were never true lovers.

To those who think they are going nowhere, if you go anywhere then you have actually been somewhere!

Patience is achieving a goal without the boundary of times arrow.

Once the words are spoken they are forever in existence and cannot be erased. Be careful the history you create as it affects your future to come.”

We think outside of the box because are minds are inside the box. If they were outside the box then we would be free!

Why is a memory of a person that is no longer here any less real than the person themselves?

The beauty of death is as remarkable as birth.

Those who change their viewpoint have moved the mountain they see.

A dream is reality with the cage of conforming negativity removed. This is a prison created only by your mind if your visualise it into existence.”

Impossible is just improbable talking you out of it.

“Time is the ocean in which memories are eternally free to swim”

I knew love before I met her but I found the true beauty of love in the touch of her soul.”

“It is better to expose the truth to close the chapter than to let it fester & burn the whole book.”

Each and every moment is like “Air trapped in a bubble of a giant bubble wrap. Once you pop it (as in live in the moment) life is never the same.

If you surrender and accept everything for what it is then you will never affect any change to create a better future.

Love is like a hammer and your the nail, you have no choice but to go where it strikes you.

A hope sometimes will become a fire that burns out. Do not allow it to let the darkness in.  Keep enough others left burning to bring light to your life.

Disappointment can be blown away with new breaths of future hope.

If you employ your energy in maintaining worry and fret of that which has gone then you will have relatively little left for direct participation in that we call life!”

Do not let the cracks of current disappointments grow to destroy the wondrous Glass Castle of the future.

We fall in life to remind us, how far from the ground we are when we stand back up.

If you put someone on a pedestal then it means they are no longer on the same level as you.

If you feel you cannot love yourself then do not shy away from letting others love you. For this is how you will learn what love is and understand how to love yourself.”

If someone floats something good down the river to you when you need it then remember to do the same when you are upstream of them.

What you are now is often based on the rigid foundation of your history that is fixed, limiting that which can be built. Embrace the unknown shape of the always changing foundation of your future yet to come, for then there are no limits to what can be built“.

Sadness is merely a mirrored reflection of happiness, its which side of the mirror our mind looks gives us the feeling we see.

In the right duet the heart beats are the metronome of loves beautiful song.

Words are that which give meaning to the  pure beauty of the Universe, maths is there to find the hidden truths.

Time is the most valuable commodity any one has in life. Ensure those you invest it in are worth the expense. For once it is spent there are no refunds given.

Alcohol is the purveyor of truth, be careful what you may utter in it’s presence. For consequence is not an ingredient that it contains.

Perfection is an illusion created by the individual as a mirrored view of their own imperfections.

Anger brings uncontrolled truth, happiness brings wanted truth.“.

A Dream is simply a memory that has not been made yet

All the good things you do are not all the things others will see yet it makes them no less valuable to the world.

You need to see how amazingly special you are through my eyes.

Remember for you to finish first there must also be others in the same race willing to be behind you, for it is they that give value to your achievement.

Our lives are much like a river. It is not the source of the river that defines the path it follows but the obstacles it meets that shape it’s journey to the sea.

Everyone has the ability to be a Phoenix if they accept they will have to face the ashes of life first in order to rise back up.

Changing your life starts by taking one single step in a different direction to the map of life you think there is no choice but to follow.
There are many other paths you can choose that will lead to the same final destination.

Success sits on the opposite side of the scales to Failure.  Understand that it is the weight of Failure that will cause Success to rise.

Which ever God gave Man the amazing creation that is Woman, definitely had a sense of humour.
He gave us your beauty, grace and all the other wonderful traits you have.
But he didn’t give us the instruction manual!

Some days you can feel like a book that has taken a lifetime to write that no one will ever read. Yet without these books the library of humanity could not exist

Hope may not always deliver but it drives the heart for those moments it does.

When the tears of your soul blur the vision of your future, reach out for the hand of the one whose heart will always wipe them away.

The past is not a template that defines your future.

A heartbeat is an eternity without someone to love.

Life is not about roller skating down a tricky road to the bottom where it finishes.
It is about trying to figure out how to ice skate uphill and finish by achieving something spectacular.

Life is much like a toilet roll. In order to discover your true central soul, you must first get through a lot of crap in life!

Even the faintest whispers of encouragement to someone can result in the most deafening of achievements.

Life will always have negative moments but this is so you can learn to truly appreciate all those that are positive.

Genius is the ability to use your madness to create solutions others can’t even imagine.

Tomorrow is a whole new chapter in the story of your life yet to be written. A blank page fresh from those now gone before, to let your mind drive the pen of your thoughts and actions to write a day full of endless possibilities.

Wisdom is the acquisition of knowledge via a path of mistakes.

Do not fear what the future may or may not bring. What ever is meant to be will grow like branches on a tree, in all sorts of directions. Some will bud with wondrous fruits of life, why prune those possibilities with the scepters of fear now?.

Life is much like drinking a bottle of Vodka, all innocent at the start, enjoyable halfway through but then scary as the bottle nears empty. Like this thought Death is not something to fear for this is no more than swapping the empty Vodka for a bottle of something new and different. The bar of this universe will never run dry for those who accept that there are other drinks beyond Vodka to be enjoyed.

The simplest of words spoken with true meaning from the heart have more value than any material gift could ever achieve. It matters not rich or poor for words are free yet their value is priceless.

Judgement without understanding may lead to your greatest loss.

Life and Death are merely different states of being, the same as ice and water. Does ice cease to exist when it melts? No it transitions to a new form that of now being water. In the Universe nothing truly ever dies.

The Past is a place we can never go back to. The Future is a destination we can never get to. It is only in this moment that we create the map of Humanity.

Most times no matter how complicated the question you are facing, the answer is usually a very simple one.

Those who view a problem as a square peg that won’t fit in a round hole will fail. Those who look at how to make the square peg smaller so it will fit, shall succeed.

Lying is to continually fill a glass with the water of deceit. There will come a time when it spills over and splash back on you, soaking you with shame. The truth is a glass that others will drink the liquid of your integrity from that will always have room to collect the tears of their respect.

When chasing dreams remember that they will sometimes not create the reality which they projected.

Love may not always be a two way street, sometimes it can be a beautiful road that will lead your heart to the sadness of a dead end.

The emotional chains that bind us to the memories of our past, can be the strongest of anchors to break to allow us then to sail to the happy horizons of the unseen future. For if we do not break them we become a ship sinking in a sea of sadness.

Love is jumping the hurdles of emotional hurt to be there for someone even when they are showing you unintentional rejection of silence.

Distance between two people who care is only an obstacle if they let it become one. In Spirit, Souls and Love they are no distance apart.

If you change because of love then you will lose what was loved.

Don’t look to the Future based on your Past for there is nothing new there to see. Take that in the Present which is good as a foundation to build your Future instead.
Please remember to be respectful, these are (c) Harlin and Lamo The Lion feel free to quote them were you like BUT do credit them to us if you use them anywhere.

We will, as we add more, try to find a way to perhaps ‘index’ them as we have rather a lot in our filing cabinets of our writing past between us.