The Silent World War

This post came about through a very sad incident within the world that Harlin frequents, that of the noble world of medical care. Two interns had been viciously attacked being put into critical conditions themselves.

History shows us how violent a world we live in, so many wars that have raged, so many that still rage. Yet within these there is an almost unwritten rule that those running medical care, on either side, are not to be touched during the battles.

But the point Harlin raised, about medical staff being attacked, we mean look at WWII, it was almost unheard of for medical facilities, boats, even on the Battle field that these people were ever targeted!

Yet how is it that in a Hospital, outside of any conflict, SmurfViolence two interns who have advocated to a life of care for others, are attacked for no rhyme nor reason? Harlin sadly also told the tale of another Doctor, a neuro surgeon, who was savagely punched in his own clinic. He had tried the absolute best he could with his unique skills to save a patient with brain surgery. Yet despite his best work effort, could not save the patient. For that, rather than appreciate the chance he presented with his skills in trying to save the patient and thank him, they attack him. (See link in further reading.)

Why beat upon those who are there to save others, potentially putting others at risk through injury to these amazing specialists? This was the thought that then directed our conversation.

It is not within just this profession were this attitude is becoming more prevalent these days but it is everywhere, all around us, this random, senseless act of being violent, why?

Lamo and Harlin were talking about this incident that occurred within her countries medical practices as it has become almost common place there now. It was that interns had been attacked, for no real reason. It led us to our thoughts about how the world has become like this, what possible reason creates this hidden hatred that will just randomly erupt.

Humans now fly of the handle for no reason anymore! Lamo wondered if it is a result of overpopulation perhaps? Just so many people all clambering on the dwindling resources our planet has to offer up, that some kind of primal survival instinct is being bought back from the depths of our sub conscious. A primeval need to fight for the scraps between rival tribes in order to stave of dying from hunger.

Only in this modern age, it is driven by the segregation of the chasm between the rich and the poor, were those without are now the dominant tribe cast out into the wilderness from the might high towers of the opulent to fight over what they leave.

It has reached epidemic proportions now where we should speak out about this more, yet nearly all take the safety of staying quiet for the consequences of speaking out put a target upon your own back.

People these days are filled with so much rage, that the simplest of actions can spark violence within society now. TomandjerryViolence If you lash back it incites escalation which leads to you being stabbed, shot, losing your life for no reason more than you happened to be standing in the wrong place doing nothing to the antagonist who suddenly enters your life at that moment.

We see it so often here in London, an act as someone bumping into another on the street, accidentally splashing another with a drink in a crowded pub, truthfully insignificant unintentional accidents. What drives some to become violent in temperament that to accept the given apology? Escalate it to the realm of verbal, and in many cases now physical retaliation? Retaliation for what we have to ask. Again where does this deep rooted rage suddenly rise up from for something that is to all intense and purposes harmless.

Is it a primeval instinct that has been coaxed back to the surface because of society? We wonder if there is a hidden long term pent up frustration based mental time bomb created by the invisible illusion of freedom.

Free World“, is a term we here in the western half of the globe here all the time, yet in reality we are not. Beaten down by the oppressive reign of corrupt Governments who whilst conveying the lie of democracy, actually take more freedoms away from us in costly legislation, policies, takes that keep the masses subdued. Whilst the unselected elite few, live off that power they hold, whilst trampling more and more controls on the rest.

Does that knowledge through the more informed connected world, slowly get ingested within our sub conscious, which snaps into rebellion when triggered by the most innocuous of individual situations which lash out at the unsuspecting innocent rather than the true human antagonists so safe in the protected ivory towers?

Human behaviour, especially toward each other, is shaped so strongly during childhood but the immediate environment around us, in the olden days being family and close friends.

The new generations are exposed as a matter of course to playing on technological substitute parents, smartphones, games consoles. Is it because the real parents are  too busy fighting the conformities of society, working, to pay the ever increasing cost of living those in power continue to thrust upon us that they are not given the time to shape their kids? Or is it that in this modern age many parents just can’t be bothered anymore?

Either way, these future generations are exposed to games, comics even films where violence is no longer condoned but galmourised. This must therefore also guide their responses when their mind snaps into the violence we see today, especially it is very sad to say in the younger generations.

All these subliminally teach them that violence is ok when defending against violence. Yet we all know, violence will begat violence in a never ending scale of escalation. Why are we not teaching a little of the, “Turn the other cheek”? tom-jerry9 We are pretty sure that this attitude will generally remove the fire for the flames of violence to be fanned in most situations. It will die, and people move on with their lives, perhaps one muttering under their breath briefly but no one actually hurt?

Yet this mindset is removed from the new generations through what they learn from these false technological teachers, from those that create entertainment media as a whole. How they can say it does not cause violence do not understand that it becomes the fatal trigger the provokes the impressionable mind into believing themselves the hero if they beat their antagonist, no matter how unintentional that situation they created.

To strengthen this thought of the younger generation, we would ask this final thought. People brag about how we live in a, “Civilised Society“, how then if this is true does it allow the following to happen?

Two young women, in love, after having a lovely night out in north London are travelling home on the bus. With no provocation they are viciously attacked by four teenagers. This is not civilised in any definition we at Harlam can find. (See link in further reading.)

What we here at Harlam see is that this problem is getting worse and not slowly either but with a very frightening exponential momentum.

Yes, the world has always been violent, with wars waging etc but this is a silent War, a new world war that affects everyone more or less? For us the most horrifically scary question that it raises, “Can it now be stopped?” As without stopping now to find the cause is it too late to sop this human path of destructive behaviour?


(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2019


Further Reading on the stories referenced in this Blog

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  2. Doctor Attacked in Kolkata

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