Sphind – A Modern Day Affliction

As long as humanity has existed we have developed in various ages over the millennia with each bringing their gains to society and technological advances. Like all things though there is usually a flip side to the coin of course, (Well all coins have a heads and tails right?), our developmental ages being no different. Each brought their individual problems, none more so than new diseases, afflictions and negative affects on the human race’s health. (Such as pollution from modern industry!). The technology age we are experiencing is not different with one particular affliction we describe in this Harlam post.

We seriously think that the modern age society has one big new affliction, people are going, “Smart Phone Blind“, or Sphind is the term Harlam have given it. Cellphone-Obsession_edited1 This is because both of us have seen this across two whole continents, (So it is technically an Epidemic.), that when we walk down the street it always amazes us how many people can’t even do this without having to be looking at their Smart Phone all the time. In effect not looking where they are going, thus being blind to everything going on around them.

As Harlin pointed out, it also means they miss all the wonder of that around them having Sphind as well. As this affliction means they don’t, “Stop and smell the roses“, as the saying goes. But this is a whole other Blog in it’s own right that we will publish later because is not just related to having Sphind.

The number of times we have to move one way or the other else they would simply walk straight into us, (Sorry crash), is well ludicrous. Jeez do these people drive the same way? Where it has now been banned as it is so dangerous to humans. We seriously think there should be a ban from using Smart Phones on the streets to now. Its has become a serious health hazard to us normal people that can live without being constantly glued to the screen, well we may hear an alert, like Lamo’s Pokeharlin going of. But then, being a safety conscious Lion, he will find a safe place to stop, park his carcas to then type back to Harlin. (Or vice versa as Harlin is safety conscious to!)

When we say normal, perhaps we are now the minority, those that do not have Sphind as they now seem to be the more dominant evolving species among us! Spheesons, (Smart Phone Free Persons), is the term Harlam apply to those who are free of this prevalent Sphind affliction, who can do normal things, like walk down the street without having to have their smart phone glued to their face!

We are thinking, either ban their use whilst traversing London’s pavements, (Or any major metropolitan city of course.), better yet they should have special “Smart Phone Lanes”, Sphanes, so those that have Sphind can just crash into each other leaving the rest of us to walk in comparative safety?

Maybe they could use the Smart Phone and have a picture in picture video app for the forward facing camera, so they can see the oncoming people traffic? Maybe even have the app show red when they are about to crash in to a person that does not have the Sphind affliction? If they are smart enough to create the medical issue, then perhaps the very same thing can be used to solve the ever growing epidemic?

Which ever solution, something needs to be done in today’s society for this new affliction, Sphind, in order to drastically recuse the number of pavement accidents that we see happening to innocent Spheeson victims these days! We say, let all us Spheesons stand together and demand action against the dangers presented us by those with Sphind.

(c) Harlin & Lamo The Lion 2018

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